Pattern has been the constant element in my work, going back nearly fifty years.  I use pattern as a metaphor for the complex systems that work through our world: physical systems, emotional systems, psychological systems, etc.  Pattern embodies the order implicit in these systems, but the play with pattern, altering and deconstructing it, allows for the likelihood that order will give way to disorder, to the unexpected and the unpredictable.  This constant tension between order and disorder is a unifying thread that runs through my work.

I’m also interested in the unseen world that constitutes much of the emotional and psychological territory that we sentient beings occupy.  Using abstract constructions, sometimes with representational images, or images that occupy that ambiguous realm between the recognizable and the indeterminate, I attempt to give visual form to these metaphysical domains.  I’m comfortable in dream spaces and in the malleable and fluid territory of memory, and in my work I try to reach into these psychic spaces.  I hope that the work evokes in the viewer some experience of these worlds held just below the outward surface of things.